Using Online Gaming To Promote Your Site

With millions of people across the globe playing online games, you’d think that would be a ready place to advertise your website. As it turns out, it is! From free jigsaw puzzles to race car games, you can find ways to promote your website.

User Contributions

The main feature to look for, if you want to use your online games to promote your business, is to find gaming sites that allow user submissions. In more intricate games, such as the major first-person shooter games, this may be more difficult. However, you can find many places that welcome user submissions.


If you are a photographer, or have some professionally done photos of your business, a great place to get attention is via online jigsaw puzzles. Most of these sites encourage you to submit your own photos. There are usually requirements for the size of each photo, but for a professional, is not such a problem to change the size of the file.

Most jigsaw puzzle sites will give you credit for the photo, and many will even include a link to your site. This is an invaluable way to promote your business. Imagine if, as a wedding photographer, you had a selection of photos on popular jigsaw site, linking back to your studio’s site! You can get more brand recognition than you ever thought possible, and find your work shared in demographics you had never anticipated, and it is all for free!

Photojournalists usually have a copyright stamp on their photos. So, if you are a wildlife or landscape photographer, you can submit some of your photos to jigsaw puzzle sites and get your brand into the public domain. Some sites even allow you to sell your artwork through their website!


Another way to promote your site is with word puzzles. Crossword puzzles, skeleton puzzles, word searches, and other types of word games are popular and easily marketed. You can even use a puzzle builder to create your puzzle, making it so much easier than you ever thought. If you use your professional vocabulary, you can create a puzzle for target audiences, and attract even more attention to your business. Most sites that allow you to submit puzzles will give you credit, with a link to your website included in the credits. Puzzle solvers love puzzles with a theme, and the challenge is usually eagerly accepted. So, consider using a puzzle builder and creating some niche-specific puzzles.

Make Money

By submitting puzzles and games to online game site, you can make money in at least two different ways. The first way, of course, is through increased customer traffic. As word gets out about your site, and more people visit it, you will start making more sales.

But, another way you may make money is through the gaming site itself. Some of them actually pay you if they use your material! So, give it a try. Create a jigsaw puzzle or some other game, and start promoting your business.

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