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That ahhhh moment!

Isn’t this one of the most gratifying moments you remember from your childhood?

Holiday season puzzle art

A fun little way to bring puzzles into the coming holiday season

Tricky holiday puzzle

Wow can you imagine doing such a tricky seasonal puzzle?

Puzzle Crafts

People are so obsessed with puzzles they are even making crafts with puzzle themes

Vintage Puzzle

This are such amazing vintage looking puzzles wouldn’t you agree?

This is one for the lady jigsaw fanatics

It is crazy how jigsaw pieces can become art in the most unique ways

Steampunk Jigsaws

Jigsaws can be very trendy. Look at this great steampunk jigsaw artpiece

Close to launching JigFun

we are getting close to launching our jigfun website, we are so excited!



The new generation of jigsaw fanatics

Such a great product to get the little ones interested in Puzzles. They paint their own