Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles in the Gaming Market

When we first had the idea of developing the Jigfun website it was as a labour of love. We were going to create the website we wanted to use, and if there were plenty of other puzzlers out there who would also benefit from the kind of features and social media interaction we were going to include – then so much the better.

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Once we got going however, we soon realised that if the bank manager was going to be held at bay until we could develop all the great features we had in mind, such as personalised jigsaw puzzles, social media features so puzzlers could play together, we’d better actually check our facts and make sure there were enough other puzzlers in the online gaming community to make the website a viable proposition.
We needn’t have worried.  It turns out that not all gamers are teenage boys who want to shoot things – a lot.  The online gaming community is a really diverse bunch with a third over the age of 36, nearly half are female, and over a third of all gaming time being spent on games that don’t involve shooting (in order of importance) people, aliens, wildlife or politicians.
Some recent figures that show online jigsaw puzzle websites like Jigfun really do have a place in the online gaming world come from a report from the Entertainment Software Association (EAS) in the United States.  The report is based on both a 2013 survey of over 2000 US households, and industry sales figures, and among the key findings of the ESA report are:
•    Most households have at least one games console, PC or smartphone.
•    There are, on average, two gamers per household.
•    The average age of game players is 30 (with 36% being over the age of 36).
•    45% of the people who buy games are female.
•    Playing Puzzles, Board Game, Game Show, Trivia and Card Games account for 34% of the time spent playing.
•    Action, Sports, Strategy and Role-Playing games make up 26% of the time spent playing.  Persistent Multi-player Universe make up 14% of the time.
•    32% of gamers play social games.
(The figures are from the US market, but it is generally accepted that they are representative of most of the developed countries in the world, which make up the majority of the gaming market).
What we can glean from the figures is that most households contain gamers, and, most importantly for us, of all the time spent gaming over a third is spent on the category that includes puzzles (including jigsaw puzzles) and board games.  While we’re realistic enough to appreciate that a website offering free online jigsaw puzzles (anchor text link) will only take a proportion of that, the amount of time is so large that even a small part is still really significant.  The report also shows that the US gaming market alone was worth over $20 Billion in 2012, so to answer you the question of “is it worthwhile?” – you bet it is.

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For the full ESA report, visit: