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The jigsaw puzzle enthusiast comes in all stripes – some are very possessive of their puzzles, wanting others to keep their grubby paws off. Others enjoy the challenge, but also use the puzzle as a chance to engage others in the room. I tend to be the latter. I also hate losing puzzle pieces, so when I discovered online jigsaw puzzles, I was delighted. The proprietary puzzle worker will find his true home with free online jigsaw puzzles. However, until recently, my enjoyment wasn’t complete with working puzzles online – that is, until I found JigFun. Here is a review of the site, with a comparison to features available on other online jigsaw puzzle sites.

Puzzle Selection

JigFun has a broad selection of beautiful puzzles. Grouped into nine categories, the pictures are detailed, colorful, and artistic. You can select from the following categories, as well as others:

  • People
  • Nature
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Flora
  • Photos
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Landscapes
  • Places
  • Cities
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle

There are also a couple of categories you don’t often see on other sites: Science and Wisdom.

Most of these categories, of course, are also available on other online puzzle sites. But, what you don’t have access to on many of the other sites is artist work. There is another category of puzzles available based on artwork by submitting artists. This not only presents an opportunity to work puzzles no one has ever worked before, you can  become familiar with new artists.

JigFun even allows artists to market their artwork on their site, providing registration site for new artists and a “store” where they can sell their artwork on the site.

Make Your Own Puzzle

JigFun offers a feature that you don’t find on other sites. You can upload a photo and order a hard-copy puzzle. This is a great feature that should, in my opinion, be marketed more aggressively. This could be a great gift item for grandparents, for instance, of the kids fishing on the dock with Grandpa. Bridesmaids could receive a puzzle of each of them with the bride, or of the couple’s engagement picture. Teachers, would love to have one of their classes – and students would be motivated to solve the puzzle. You could even let family and friends “piece together” the gender of the baby you’re expecting, or your wedding date. You could work puzzles of pictures from your last vacation. The list goes on, limited only by your imagination.

Customize Puzzles

In working a puzzle on JigFun, there are a number of customizations you will enjoy that are not present with other sites.

  • Full Screen: While some online jigsaw puzzles do offer a full screen option, it often automatically moves pieces out of site. JigFun goes full screen without losing pieces.
  • Magnify: There is a magnify button. THERE IS A MAGNIFY BUTTON! Finally, a puzzle site that lets you make the pieces big enough to see. You’ll have to move some of them from the outside of the screen, because they will go off screen when you magnify.
  • The Big Picture: You can turn the big picture on and off as you wish. Other websites have such a small picture, you can’t see any detail. Others don’t offer a picture of the completed puzzle at all, so there is not pattern.
  • Border Pieces: Most people work jigsaw puzzles from the outside in. JigFun saves you a time consuming step by allowing you to isolate the border pieces and assemble them. When you click on the border icon a second time, it restores the rest of the pieces to the screen.
  • Sound: A speaker icon is right there on the screen. One click, and you mute the sound effects. There are no multiple tabs and clicks to perform this simple task.
  • Background: You can select the background color and texture for each puzzle. This may not sound like a big deal, but it certainly helps sky pieces to stand out if you have a red background, for example.
  • Tool Bars: There are three tool bars on the playing field: one on each side, and one across the bottom. You can use these to customize your puzzle – something you can’t do on many other sites.
  • Clear Playing Field: You can also click the hide button on each of the 3 tool bars, and they will move off screen, leaving you with more room to work your puzzle.
  • Timed Play: This is a standard feature on most puzzle sites.

Team Play

Finally, perhaps the most exciting aspect of JigFun is the chance for team play. That’s what I have missed the most with online jigsaw puzzles. Now, several people can log on to your puzzle and work it with you. You can see how in this video.

The multi-player aspect, along with the numerous customizations, makes JigFun one of the best online jigsaw puzzle sites. You can try it for free at JigFun.

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