Jigsaw Puzzles are good for you!

There are not many games or hobbies that are as universally enjoyed as jigsaw puzzles.  The idea is simple, but thoroughly addictive.  Jigsaw puzzles can be easy, or frustratingly complex depending on the layout, the amount number of pieces and the shape of the puzzle.  So why do jigsaws engage and appeal to all ages for so long?


Jigsaw puzzles can be made from any amount of pieces, and this enables the puzzles to start at the preliminary level of three to four pieces, and then increase the level to hundreds or thousands of pieces without deviating from the idea of a puzzle or the way they are played.  This means that basic activity can grow in complexity to stay in sync with the progress of a child’s skills and problem solving ability.

The joy of a jigsaw puzzle also comes from the basic cognitive skills used.  There is a beautiful, usually very detailed image; problem solving is used to work out how to assemble the pieces to complete the puzzle; good hand to eye ability is involved to manoeuvre the pieces and assemble them; finally there is the joy of finishing the puzzle, coupled with the chance to shuffle the pieces again for someone else to solve!

Whilst children just see jigsaws as enjoyment, they do in fact contain numerous aids to progressing basic mental and hand skills.  This can be exploited by nurses responsible for the monitoring of children’s progress.  The following skills are developed and enhanced during a Childs learning:

  • Social skills.
  • Problem solving.
  • Hand to eye co-ordinations.
  • Color awareness.
  • Pattern recognition.
  • Imagination.

Children learn and develop fundamental skills with a big smile on their faces and if they are completing the puzzle with other children, their social skills are enhanced as well.


All people pass through different times in their lives, and the same is also the true for jigsaws.  Teenagers finish with jigsaws in exactly the same method as when they finish with other toys. They tend to focus on other usual teenage distractions!  However, unlike other childhood toys and entertainments, adulthood can often mean a return of an interest in jigsaw puzzles.  They are a great help to ease the burdens that come with daily life as the effort required diverts the mind off daily issues. They also provide the warm satisfaction of finishing which can be missing from day to day life.  It’s an easy pastime providing a calming, enjoyable hobby to escape from the more mundane aspects of life.

Online Jigsaws

Internet jigsaw puzzle websites are one of the great success stories of the internet.  The appeal of the puzzles doesn’t slow down even though the pieces are not physically touched by the user. There of course real advantages to having pieces on the screen including never losing a piece!  There are a huge number of puzzles images online, and most puzzle websites usually give free online puzzles. For more entertaining puzzles or features, the user is happy to pay a small donation.

Online puzzles also offer features such as being able to choose from thousands of pictures, choose from many different piece shapes, different number of pieces, and even the overall shape of the puzzle. You can also save your progress, so in the case of a big 1000 puzzle one can complete a section and return later to complete it. So while many other types of games lose their appeal when moved to the internet, jigsaws have not only made a seamless jump to the online world, they actually seem improved by the many features and variations that online jigsaws offer.

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