Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most popular pastimes around.  They’re simple and relaxing while at the same time being thoroughly absorbing.  The progress of jigsaw puzzles online has also given the hobby a further boost with a whole new generation of kids being introduced to the pastime and a huge range of options and variations available, but even this doesn’t seem to be affecting the appeal of the real thing.

For the real jigsaw enthusiast there are even accessories to keep the keenest of players from losing their part made jigsaws, allowing them to come back to them at any time.  These include:

Construction  Trays – These are simple trays that come in standard sizes to fit the most common jigsaws of 500, 1000 and 2000 pieces, with the 1000 piece being the most popular.  The only problem with the trays is that cannot easily be stored away with a part assembled jigsaw on them, but they are great for simply moving the jigsaw around in the home.

Roll Up Mats – A soft fabric mat that allows the jigsaw, and any loose pieces, to be simply rolled up and neatly put away.  It’s one of the best ways of storing part finished jigsaws.  The first mat to be specifically designed for use in this way is the Jigroll, which was trademarked in 1989 and includes a plastic drum around which the jigsaw is rolled up and securely fastened, providing a convenient way of storing the jigsaw.

Portfolio Case – The Company that manufactures the Jigroll have also produce a special case for jigsaws.  It’s a custom case with a foam backed lining in both sides, and the pieces are kept on one side and the assembled jigsaw on the other.  When the case is closed the pieces are held in place by the foam, so part made jigsaws can also be stored and transported.  Because it is sturdier it is more expensive that the Jigroll, but does provide more secure storage.

Portfolio Case With Construction Trays – This is a variation of the portfolio case with the addition of rigid detachable trays.  This allows for several jigsaws and any loose pieces to be stored in the same case, allowing the player to have several jigsaws on the go at any one time.

Nesting Boxes – These are a neat little idea, and are a set of smaller boxes that fit inside the original jigsaw box, just like Russian dolls.  They provide a way of keeping sorted jigsaw puzzle pieces all together without having to jumble them all back together in a single box.  If a player is halfway through a jigsaw, and has already sorted out the edge pieces and certain colours or sections of the detail, they can be put away in the separate boxes.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frames – Many people like to keep their completed jigsaws and display them.  Once the completed jigsaw has been glued to a cardboard backing, it can be fitted into a picture frame ready for hanging.  The frames are made to fit the standard size jigsaws.  It is possible to buy special frames that will take the jigsaw without the need to glue it to a backing which has the obvious advantage that it can still be used as a working puzzle.

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