jigfun shop layout – create a personalised puzzle

Good progress on the jigfun.com shop layout this week.

If you have a favourite photo or image, upload it to the jigfun.com shop and turn it into a real puzzle to give as a present. Or if you prefer choose a beautiful picture from the shop image library.

We provide a handy template feature so you can easily adjust your photo to a list of example formats, ie number of pieces and styles. That way you know exactly how the puzzle will look when it is received.

A personalised jigsaw is a great gift idea.

Happy puzzling.

Jigfun Team.




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  1. Frankie says:

    Love the combination of orange and blue… Clean design and cute icons. Looking forward to turn some of my artistic photos into puzzles. Something to add to my 2013 Christmas shopping list! : D

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