Shop template cropping step

This image shows the shop template positioning step.

If you would like to have a beautiful picture made into a puzzle you can opt to select an area of the image made into the puzzle. This tool enables you to do that.

You can of course have the original image made into a puzzle.

Happy puzzling!

Jigfun team.

jigfun shop layout – create a personalised puzzle

Good progress on the shop layout this week.

If you have a favourite photo or image, upload it to the shop and turn it into a real puzzle to give as a present. Or if you prefer choose a beautiful picture from the shop image library.

We provide a handy template feature so you can easily adjust your photo to a list of example formats, ie number of pieces and styles. That way you know exactly how the puzzle will look when it is received.

A personalised jigsaw is a great gift idea.

Happy puzzling.

Jigfun Team.




Game page and online puzzle pals.

Nice little sample of the game page showing webcam and online pals.

You can see your opponents puzzle progress with ‘PUZZLE PROGRESS’.

Happy Christmas!

Jigfun Team


multiplayer game invite

multiplayer jigsaws.

View your online puzzle pals and send them a game invite!

buttons teaser

Some lovely designs through today for the buttons that control the jigsaw game platform.

These buttons plus others allow the player to control the many features of the game platform. These include features such as printing, sending an e-card, auto solving, shuffling, add an image to a favourite list  and many more…

buttons teaser

Can you guess which ones do what?

Jigfun Team

Home page and Registered Public Profile layout

Just had some fantastic designs in!

The following is a home page sample and a registered user Public Profile design sample.

A public profile allows users to see the public view-able content for a puzzler or artist. Viewers can see a registered users biography, their followers, other users being followed, the puzzlers stats and their icons of puzzle pals. A viewing registered user can send a puzzle pal request, similar to FB friend request and also follow the user directly if they are an artist.

Once the puzzle pal request is accepted the viewer can then follow the pal and view all the puzzles in their upload gallery.

Tantalising!  :-)


More progress this week

And off travelling on Tuesday for more jigfun ideas :-)

Play now!

colourful crayons :-)

Colourful Crayons

Colourful Crayons

Intense couple of days at the developers..

Subject areas covered over an intense couple of days included;

Some further additions to the admin and game use docs.

We also made a good start on the shop use case doc, the registration processes and shop purchase logic.

The dev team have come up with a fantastic variation on the traditional bot captcha! Stayed tuned to find out more :-)


The Jigfun team.