spiral cuts

Spiral cuts nearly implemented. Looking good!




Jigfun is a jigsaw website offering some of the most advanced online jigsaws features anywhere online

Game and chat teaser

Quick update on the current layout for the game platform and chat area.

This image shows the combo selection box; the game button, left and right; the webcam box and chat areas.

Puzzlers can send a multiplayer invite (shared jigsaw game); chat and view each other at the same time. When in multiplayer mode, puzzlers can see each others progress.

Register for more updates.

Happy puzzling!

Jigfun Team.


Shop template cropping step

This image shows the shop template positioning step.

If you would like to have a beautiful picture made into a puzzle you can opt to select an area of the image made into the puzzle. This tool enables you to do that.

You can of course have the original image made into a puzzle.

Happy puzzling!

Jigfun team.




A combo is a combination of piece cut and number of pieces. When you select a picture/image to play, you need to select the number of pieces and the piece style.

If you have 15 minutes at work to play a jigsaw online, you will probably select less pieces. If you have lots of time, you can select more pieces. You can save your puzzle progress and restart it at a later date to finish your puzzle.

A small combo would be ‘classic, 25 pieces’. At jigfun.com we offer game play with up to 1000 pieces and 5 different styles.

A large combo would be ‘bird, 1000 pieces. More than enough to keep the jigsaw puzzle diehards happy!

Just had the latest combo selection panels through for review.

Happy puzzling!

Jigfun Team.

parental control

Jigfun is online jigsaw puzzles with social media, offering a fun, educational and safe online jigsaw experience for all ages.

Guest and registered users can play online jigsaws, connect with puzzle pals, see pals puzzles, use multiplayer webcam, get notifications, view stats, win puzzle points, message and use chat.

Jigfun offers 4 types of accounts, guest, registered, single or family premium and artist. Registered users get all features for 1 month. Single and family premium users get all the features all of the time.

Family premium allows a parent to designate up to 3 additional family members. Parents can control child chat, passwords and access to family member profiles.

Child chat is restricted to pre-determined chat lines such as ‘New game’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I won!’, ‘You won!’ etc.

If required, parents can control child access to member profiles to keep settings constant. Single premium and family premium are subscription based.

Parents are in control but the kids will love it!

Check out the first attempt at jigfun.


Final puzzle piece cuts – through

Great progress on the piece cuts this week. We have finally settled on 5 super styles.



The designers have done an amazing job, they look great. They are each unique and offer an alternative style to suit different tastes.

Registered puzzlers willbe able to a default piece style and a preferred number of pieces, a combo in their personal jigsaw game preferences.

Stay tuned for more jigfun updates.

Happy Puzzling!

Jigfun Team.





Game page and online puzzle pals.

Nice little sample of the game page showing webcam and online pals.

You can see your opponents puzzle progress with ‘PUZZLE PROGRESS’.

Happy Christmas!

Jigfun Team


multiplayer game invite

multiplayer jigsaws.

View your online puzzle pals and send them a game invite!

latest footer design

A new footer for the site through over the weekend.

The footer is a key area where site announcements can be made and where the latest comments on puzzles can be viewed. Also shown is the location where top puzzle stats can be seen.

Puzzle stats include fastest solve times, most popular puzzles and which puzzle pal is currently top of the puzzle point league table.

To borrow a phrase.. puzzle points mean puzzle prizes!

latest footer design

Jigfun Team