dashboard and profiles


Latest dashboard and profiles.

The dashboard contains a list of the following:
Puzzle pals – view your online puzzle pals.
Jiglists Рorganize  your favourite puzzles into handy lists.
Favorites – see a list of your favourite puzzles.
User gallery uploads – view your uploads.
Notifications – see who uploaded what.
Stats – check your fastest times and quickest move.
Jigsaw settings – preset your favorite combo and background color.
Pal invite – send an email to invite new pals.
View Orders – view your orders.

The private profile contains the following:
Edit your profile.
Set your social media connections.
Update your account settings.
Set your email details.
Go premium.

Every puzzler gets the following in their public profile:
Biography – tell us what puzzles you like.
Upload gallery – available only after making puzzle pals.
Puzzle activity stats – Which puzzles this user likes the most.
List of puzzle pals.
List of puzzle pal followers.
List of pals following.