small beginnings

Small beginnings; This is an image of chat mock up for


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Final combo design

Love the final combo design received on Friday.





A combo is a combination of piece cut and number of pieces. When you select a picture/image to play, you need to select the number of pieces and the piece style.

If you have 15 minutes at work to play a jigsaw online, you will probably select less pieces. If you have lots of time, you can select more pieces. You can save your puzzle progress and restart it at a later date to finish your puzzle.

A small combo would be ‘classic, 25 pieces’. At we offer game play with up to 1000 pieces and 5 different styles.

A large combo would be ‘bird, 1000 pieces. More than enough to keep the jigsaw puzzle diehards happy!

Just had the latest combo selection panels through for review.

Happy puzzling!

Jigfun Team.